Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm a believer!!!

Having God in my life is the reason why I have overcomed all the failures and down moments I had. When it feels like no one cares, no one believes, no one understands, it is He that held me up...He's my ultimate comforter!!! We all know that we are living in this imperfect world and as expected, life is also imperfect... Yes, there are times that I feel like giving up. There are times like there's no hope but because of God, I have learned and understood that life is really like that.. it's normal..everybody encounter the same problems, whether minor or major and maybe other people experience more painful and complicated problems than mine and so, I should not quit..instead face and conquer every trial.
I can really differentiate a believer from a non-believer by simply basing on their approach to life's difficulties. A true Christian wont worry too much knowing that God will always be there. We Christians, we put all our trust to our almighty God for He is all powerful...
I can still remember the time I received God as my personal was during our youth fellowship... May 15, 2005!!! It was awesome.. The feeling was really fulfilling and I was so emotional that time...confessing all my sins and accepting Christ in my heart, believing that He died on the cross for my sins and your sins.
Have you experienced having an intimate relationship with God? It's really beyond words.... believe me!!! God will really touch your heart...and when you pray, it seems like He's there beside you.. amazing feeling!!!! I love it when He answers my prayers... It's one evidence that He is really there but of course some are given in due time according to His perfect plan for you!!!
Be a BeLieVer!!! Join small groups and have your bible study! You'll be amazed by how He will touch your life......

I'm back on track!!!

These days, I've been going through a lot of emotional problems...Sorry but I can't tell you the whole story 'coz it's kinda complicated and I really wanna forget the whole scenario. I don't want to remember every detail of it.
It hurts to know that the person you've trusted betrayed you. In my case, it felt like I was dumped with no reason at all. Well, I really don't care about it.... I've forgiven that person but I guess it's hard to trust again. It wont be the same again...that's for sure.
As of now, I'm back on track!!!! Mehan is back...and I can say I've learned a lot and I'm now a better person!!!! Thanks to all my friends who've comforted me.. Job well done for you guys....You've taken me from that very deep pit!!! hehehe.... I'm so happy with my life now. Thanks GoD!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Our fieldtrip was one of the most memorable experience in my life. For the first time, I've carried a gosh!!! that was so disgusting!!!! Anyways, I've enjoyed every activity we had. The experience of walking on a sky bridge is really nerve-wracking. I've also tried the Zip I know how it feels to be like Tarzan..funny thing!!!!
And how can I forget our WHITE WATER RAFTING.. O my Gosh!!! I almost freaked out but that was so nice...the water was so wild yet I've finished the 16 rapids...I'm proud of that!!!Of course, we have stayed in a very nice eco village...The place was so sosyal and the food there were so expensive. The place is located in a mountain slope, over looking the entire CAgayan de Oro City!!!
That was truly an experience I'll remember forever!!!! It makes me wanna strive harder in my studies so that soon I can also let my family experience the kind of life I've experienced during our fieldtrip.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my Best FrienD!!!

My bestfriend is the best in the wOrld...she's so pretty, really angelic and of course super kind!!! Well, her name is LORA MAe Yap!!! She's currently studying in Cebu taking up AB PoLSci.
I really admire her 'coz she's really intelligent. Yah! intelligent, pretty, yet, she's so down to earth.
If I'm not mistaken, we've been bestfriends for already 7 years and the friendship is still going strong though we're far from each other.
I can still remember all our happy, wacky moments during our highschool days... We used to hang out with each other just to have window shopping...and we often walk a mile, wandering without knowing where to go just to spend time with each other. I can still remember her laughs....and how can I forget our drama moments... The good thing about us is that when we give advice to each other, rest assured that we are sincere. Thank you LoR for always lending your shoulders for me to cry on.. I'm so lucky to have you in my life... Believe me or not Lor, you're one of the most important in my life. God knows how much I treasure you.
I want to keep the friendship forever 'coz I believe that it is really hard to find a true friend like you. I miss you so much...Whenever I encounter problems, you're the first one that comes into my mind. Wish you were here with me... I can no longer remember how many liters of tear I have shed because of missing you. It's really hard... really really hard to be away from you.. I miss you Lor!! I'll always be here if you need me. Definitely, you're a blessing to me!!

FRIENDS 4ever............