Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm a believer!!!

Having God in my life is the reason why I have overcomed all the failures and down moments I had. When it feels like no one cares, no one believes, no one understands, it is He that held me up...He's my ultimate comforter!!! We all know that we are living in this imperfect world and as expected, life is also imperfect... Yes, there are times that I feel like giving up. There are times like there's no hope but because of God, I have learned and understood that life is really like that.. it's normal..everybody encounter the same problems, whether minor or major and maybe other people experience more painful and complicated problems than mine and so, I should not quit..instead face and conquer every trial.
I can really differentiate a believer from a non-believer by simply basing on their approach to life's difficulties. A true Christian wont worry too much knowing that God will always be there. We Christians, we put all our trust to our almighty God for He is all powerful...
I can still remember the time I received God as my personal was during our youth fellowship... May 15, 2005!!! It was awesome.. The feeling was really fulfilling and I was so emotional that time...confessing all my sins and accepting Christ in my heart, believing that He died on the cross for my sins and your sins.
Have you experienced having an intimate relationship with God? It's really beyond words.... believe me!!! God will really touch your heart...and when you pray, it seems like He's there beside you.. amazing feeling!!!! I love it when He answers my prayers... It's one evidence that He is really there but of course some are given in due time according to His perfect plan for you!!!
Be a BeLieVer!!! Join small groups and have your bible study! You'll be amazed by how He will touch your life......

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